map_of_portugalWe are finalizing plans for what promises to be an exciting visit to Portugal. It will be a busy week with meetings at the Ministry of Education and the National Parliament and visits to two amazing schools.  There also will be opportunities to meet with leading ICT advocates from around the world during the Share the Future presentations.

Lots of good things — and we look forward to having you as part of the delegation

Irene Spero and Keith Krueger



4 comments on “Welcome

  1. deniseshorey says:

    Was just reading about the STORK Pilot to deliver federated identity management services across several nations including Portugal. This pilot will provide secure access and identity to citizens across borders for participating countries in Europe. The implications for students moving from school to school or to higher ed is exciting. I am looking forward to learning about the vision and seeing students engaged in the learning environment in Portugal.

  2. keithcosn says:

    Greetings from Lisbon. We are hearing from Gavin Dykes to set the agenda for the week.

  3. Steve Vosloo from UNESCO has just finished a very informative overview of mobile learning.
    He notes that there is growing evidence that mobile learning is helping marginalized populations and improving education. Particularly compelling examples from Africa.

  4. sherylabshire says:

    Gavin Dykes, Programme Director – Education World Forum opens the CosN International Delegation to Portugal challenging the delegation to think differently about learning.

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